The activity of the Center for Testing and Certification covers the testing and assessment of conformity with the relevant standards. All trials are generally carried out in accordance with the requirements of European (EN) standards, which are at the same time national-Slovenian (SIST) standards.

The basic requirements for the safety of toys in the countries of the European Union are laid down in the new Toy Safety Directive 2009/48 / EC, which was transferred to the Slovenian legislation in 2011 through the Toys Safety Regulation. Toys placed on the market must meet the safety requirements defined by the Regulation, namely the basic safety requirements and specific safety requirements. Toys, including the chemical substances they contain, must not endanger the safety or health of users or third parties when used in the foreseeable or foreseeable way taking into account the behavior of children. The Regulation regulates warnings that must be affixed to certain types of toys and under what conditions the toy complies with the requirements of the legislation.

What do we offer?
-Product testing (physical and mechanical properties)
-Assistance in the preparation of technical documentation
-Labeling and warnings

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