The safety of vulnerable target groups - the child should be one of the basic tasks of adults - parents, childcare providers or product manufacturers intended for children. Since there are differences between the provision of safety playground equipment and toys, we help you to demonstrate the coherence and safety of your products that are designed for children.


For gaming equipment manufacturers, we are certifying conformity of new gaming equipment according to the requirements of the international standard SIST EN 1176. Certification is carried out in accordance with the accreditation of TÜV Austria, Vienna. For certified equipment, you receive a product certificate to prove that the game was made in accordance with the requirements of EN 1176.

We provide help to developers, manufacturers and designers of new playgrounds to develop the idea and up to the realization of each project. When designing children's playgrounds, we have to be guided by quality and ingenuity.
We give controllers or owners of gaming equipment and children's playgrounds to control the editing of a new playground, perform an annual inspection or check the playground before the first use. The latter is compulsory from the validity of the new version SIST EN 1176-1: 2018.

Despite the international safety requirements, the development of childish imagination during the game should be maintained. Inviting playgrounds offering an exciting environment and enabling imagination are beneficial for the comprehensive development of children and keep children away from dangerous locations for play, such as roads, river banks and lakes, etc.


Toys placed on the EU market must meet the requirements of the Toys Directive, the Toy Safety Regulation and the individual product-related product. As a third-country manufacturer / importer to the EU, you are obliged to submit to the subscriber with the product the obligatory product documentation (Declaration of conformity and instructions for installation, maintenance, spare parts list, instructions on how to handle the product after use, etc.).
To demonstrate the conformity of the product, you must also have a technical product folder, product risk assessment and any evidence of product testing as part of the documentation.

If you do not know how to deal with the documentation, we will arrange everything you need to prove the product's suitability.

Also organized leisure activities or the elements that are available to us must be properly supervised. This means that, for example, water slides, climbing parks, inflatable playgrounds, playgrounds installed in the water, outdoor fitness equipment, etc. must be properly managed from a safety perspective.

If you have an idea for a new attraction or you just want to place it on your location, we are here to help you ensure and check whether you have the necessary product compliance that you want to put into use.

We must be aware that for every activity, there are technical guidelines in the form of standards that you have to prove as a contractor or provider.


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