Intellectual property is the result of knowledge, development and work of an individual or company, and it is important that it is protected either in the form of industrial property, such as a patent, a model, a trademark and / or a service mark, or as a copyrighted work. Intellectual property rights are categories of exclusive rights that allow the holder to prevent third parties who do not have his consent to use it or otherwise exploit it in any other way. The patent, the model and the mark are a local and time limited right, which means that the holder has the right in the country in which he requested it and must pay the official fee for it.

The patent is a right granted by the competent office to the applicant for an invention in a certain field of the technique, which is new on a global scale and at a sufficiently high inventive level, which means that it is not obvious from the state of the art.

The model is a right granted by the competent office to the notifier for an outwardly designed product, which is new on a global scale and has an individual nature, which means that the overall impression that the product makes on the user differs from the overall impression made on the user some other design.

A trade mark is a legally protected sign or a combination of signs that allows one company to distinguish goods or services from the goods or services of another enterprise. Brands may appear in different forms: in words in plain text, images, combinations of words and graphic elements, such as three-dimensional marks, sound marks, or marks of smell.

The copyright belongs to the author on the basis of the creation of the work itself (registration is not a condition, but facilitates proof of existence). Copyright is limited in time and lasts for the author's life and 70 years after his death, while it is locally unlimited.

Due to the role and importance of intellectual property for the company and the individual and the development of their activities and competitiveness on the market, its protection must be appropriate, comprehensive and strategically based. It is recommended that the protection of intellectual property is regulated with the help of a registered representative, that is, an experienced expert who will advise and guide the procedures for gaining protection of rights at home and abroad.

Patent Office ltd is the oldest company for representation in the field of industrial property in Slovenia, since its beginnings date back to 1953. We offer you a comprehensive service from making inquiries, preparing applications and expert opinions to representing them in proceedings before national and regional offices for intellectual property and in litigation before courts. We also offer registration of copyright works and represent clients in domain disputes and disputes related to customs procedures in the event of violation of industrial property rights (withholding counterfeit goods).

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