Services- for toy development

Our services are intended for the companies and individuals in Slovenia and abroad who are actively involved in designing, innovating, producing, licensing, trading, distributing or retailing products for children and families, leisure, learning and entertainment.

Part of the services are provided in cooperation with other organizations and experts:

- Prototype products: Business Incubator Kočevje and Gymnasium and Secondary School Kočevje (Podjetniški inkubator Kočevje in Gimnazija in srednja šola Kočevje)

- Testing and certification: Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Woodworking, Testing and Certification Center (Biotehniška fakulteta, Oddelek za lesarstvo, Center za testiranje in certificiranje)

- Playground, toys and leisure activities: ISERA INSTITUTE, certification and testing ltd (INŠTITUT ISERA, certificiranje in testiranje d.o.o.)

-Intellectual propertyPatentna pisarna d.o.o. 

3D Modeling and 3D Product Presentations3Dimension, Cveto Kunešević, industrial design IC.

-Developmental psychological assessment of toys: Prof. Phd. Ljubica Marjanovič Umek

- Online store: Starkmat d.o.o.


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