Our Projects & Programs

We are very active in various fields.

We are implementing a pollution reduction program that covers the field of toys. With the program, we want to raise awareness on the problem of toy pollution on the one hand and present data that testify to the urgency of solving this problem, and on the other hand to present and develop measures for action in this field.

At the end of 2018, we established the online store Slovenske igrače. We created it with the desire to unite as many genuine Slovenian toys as possible and thus become the central treasure of quality Slovenian toys and gaming tools. Toys from our carefully chosen selection enhance the imagination and creativity and enable our youngest to learn through the freedom of the game.

We are conducting charity projects. In cooperation with the charity organization Ana's little star, from 9th November to 14th of December 2018, we conducted the campaign "Donating toys for the socially endangered families". In total, we collected more than 1,500 products (toys, books, school supplies, Christmas decorations, gift bags and food (sweets, chocolates, lycans, etc.), which was a great success for our first charity campaign.

We are involved in the Slovenian Network of Voluntary Organizations, conducted by the Slovene Philanthropy - Association for the Promotion of Volunteering. In our organization. We perform a Voluntary Program.

In November 2016, as the winners of the competition, we received the award "The Best Entrepreneurial Idea in the Municipality of Kočevje for 2016 (Services by voucher system for the realization of the entrepreneurial idea) in the amount of EUR 2,500" by the Municipality of Kočevje. Within the framework of the one-year cooperation with the  Business Incubator Kočevje , we carried out certain activities in 2017 (the creation of a website and an integrated graphic image, etc.). We are pleased to continue to work together.