Our Mission

We want to become the leading center of knowledge in the field of toy development in Slovenia, which works in close association with its partners in the field of sales and purchase of toys, with designers and with similar institutions of knowledge at home and abroad. For this reason, we are also searching for as many distributors as possible for the sale of Slovenian toys on foreign markets, as well as cooperation with foreign organizations (research, etc.) and experts (lecturers, researchers, etc.) in this field. If you are interested in this, please contact us.

Our development vision is the integration of Slovenian toys manufacturers in the network of excellence, which will be the leader in the field of toys in Slovenia. The Institute will provide appropriate support to the interested organizations and individuals in establishing contacts, cooperation and preparation of joint projects and programs. It will provide information in the field of toys and enable training for the interested public. The institute will promote economic cooperation with the promotion of Slovenian toys in Slovenia and abroad, and thus contribute to the development of the toy market in Slovenia and abroad.

In the future, in addition to toys, we also want to include other products for children and families, leisure, learning and entertainment. You can view and buy our products in our Online Store.  

Basic information about us

Legal status: institution, non-profit organization (NGO)
Founded: December 29, 2014

Institute for Toy Development
Poklukarjeva ulica 16
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

Institute for Toy Development
Business unit Kočevje, Trata XIV 006 A
1330 Kočevje, Slovenia

Phone: +386 41 804 496
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
W: www.institut-igrac.si

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

- Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia (TZS)
- Center for Information, Cooperation and Development of Non-Governmental Organizations (CNVOS)
- Slovenian network of voluntary organizations

- In November 2016, as the winners of the competition, we received the "Best Entrepreneurial Idea in the Municipality of Kočevje for 2016 (Services by voucher system for the realization of the entrepreneurial idea) in the amount of EUR 2,500" by the Municipality of Kočevje. In the course of one year cooperation with the entrepreneurial incubator Kočevje, we carried out certain activities in 2017.